Mystery Thriller | 101 min | 2013

Role: Compositing Artist


a MovieBrats Films & Animation production
in coproduction with dragonfly filmsNFP marketing & distribution*SPB Stereo Postproduction Berlin

Release dates: Germany 19.09.2013 (Distributors: NFP marketing & distribution*Warner Bros.) | Austria 20.09.2013 (Distributor: Thimfilm) | Russia: 21.11.2013 (Distributor: Carmen Films), DVD/Blu-ray release: 28.04.2014

Producers: Alex Weimer, Esther Friedrich, Lena Vurma
Directed by: Thorsten Klein
Written by: Thorsten Klein & Lena Vurma


Visual Effects by MovieBrats Films & Animation

Visual Effects Supervisor: Robert Zeltsch
Visual Effects Coordinator: Esther Friedrich 
Technical Director: Robert Zeltsch
Head of 3D: Philip Hartmann


Reel Breakdown

00:00 – 00:45 Compositing: Lisa Schmölzer | 3D Modelling: Fabian Czichelski | Lighting Shading: Andre Brumme | Matchmove Artist: Moritz Bock | Roto Artists: Lisa Schmölzer | Additional Rotoscoping by: Blue Faces | Postproduction Trainee: Matthias Wiebusch

00:56 – 01:22 Compositing: Lisa Schmölzer | Houdini Artist: Robert Zeltsch

01:29 – 01:32 Screen Compositing: Lisa Schmölzer | Red Glowing Background Compositing: Robert Zeltsch

Music by Adrian Sieber from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack „Lost Place“
© Just Temptation Ltd.

These credits exclusively focus on the shots shown in the breakdown reel on this website. For a full list of all credits please refer to IMDB.