Animated short movie  | 2015 | 8 min 

Role: Director, Writer, Producer, Modeling (Environment), Lighting, Shading, Rendering, Compositing

„The Rainbowmaker“ is a fairy tale animation short about imagination and lifelong friendship by Lisa Schmölzer and Leonhard Primig.

„The Rainbowmaker“ is currently in production. Watch the first teaser here:

A CUEMARK production

with the support of „Stadt Graz“ and „Das Land Steiermark – Kultur, Europa, Außenbeziehungen“

Modeling, Lighting, Shading, Compositing, Written and Directed: Lisa Schmölzer
Concept Art, Modeling, Rigging and Animation: Leonhard Primig
Sounddesign: Gerd Jochum
Producers: Lisa Schmölzer & Hansjürgen Schmölzer

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